on a New York sidewalk...

all things I love!

Where else can you find treasures of this kind, so beautifully displayed, so very reasonably priced but in this fantastic city! A true sale of incredible books and prints, some of them old, some new and some very very old and all incredibly beautiful. Just the joy of suddenly being faced with this display, warmed up my frozen face after having been almost torn by the icy cold wind. Oh, how much I love New York!


  1. Greetings Anna,

    I can see you are enjoying New York and I love the store you have photograph. There is something about old books or even new one ones that I love. Mostly today's books hare not well designed or typeset like the ones published pre-computer age.

    I am sure you spent a little extra time in this store, i know i would . . .

    Thank yo for sharing.

    Warmest regards this holiday season,


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