unexpectedly... art!

on the wall at Omonia station: "Queue" by Nikos Kessanlis
During my last month's visit to Athens, Greece, I experienced once again the multi faceted power of art in our everyday existence! And yes, of course Athens offers a multitude of art finds of tremendous importance and also historical milestone examples of the human creativity presenting the visitor with a multitude of reasons for reflection... But what I am referring in this case, is the gift of art so generously spread around all of the city's metro stations, a true art show including representational works of contemporary artists, as well as relics from times past found during the metro's construction excavations that the rich in history soil of my birth city unveiled.
For the metro passenger the hussle and bussle of getting from point A to point B becomes a dignified journey rewarded with the art find at the next destination. Truly fortunate the Athenian commuter, to be surrounded with such treasure of creativity spanning a period of over 2,000 years.


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