crumpling instead of tossing...

This is a new obsession of mine: forgetting the real world of incredible weirdness, and immersing myself into long sessions of folding, crumpling, unfolding and refolding, squeezing and pressing paper.
I have been retrieving leftover "waste" bits of glorious paper, transforming them into imaginary forms while fantasizing that they are living organisms growing in a much kinder world...


  1. Ahhh...if only we could crush, crumple and re-fold the politics of the world.

  2. Wonderful forms, Anna, and I so agree, Dinahmow.

    1. Thanks, Carol.
      I am glad you too understand how it feels...

  3. beautiful recycling Anna - if we could all make more beauty from the discarded; and help the discarded feel beautiful...just gorgeous!

  4. I can so relate to this activity Anna. Something therapeutic and creative all in one activity.


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