from Alice's Wonder Garden!

A selection of works  from "Alice's wondergarden", a new body of works in progress, where I am  illustrating the effort to decipher family secrets in order to pass on truths to future generations.

dress bodice: monotype with solvent transfer print chine-collé on paper
skirt: solvent transfer prints, cyanotype, embroidery on linen

monotype, solvent transfer drawings and prints, cyanotypes, folded vintage book pages

This work is dedicated to my granddaughter Alice.

currently exhibiting at Nicole Longnecker Gallery, in Houston, Texas.


  1. It's a lovely thing in itself, Anna, but to be of and for someone close-well, that elevates it to "special."
    A child who has a "special" item of and from famiy is lucky.

    1. Thank you Di.
      Your comments go straight to my heart. Always!


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