When I was a child sunflowers meant summer and sunflower seeds! I remember watching the giant flowers growing so very tall, turning their faces towards the sun, then bending, looking down while their brilliant yellows disappeared, their centers' surface changing into a rough world of black seeds... That's when I knew summer was over, winter was near, and the golden glory of the tall flowers just a memory of a season gone.

The flowers in these photographs are store bought and much smaller than the sunflowers of my homeland, but still evoking my childhood's emotional associations. Only in this different age, in this different landscape and reality I can capture moments of their life's cycle to illustrate my mind's stories of summers long gone.


  1. I think every child must have a similar memory!

  2. oh, I really like these! I know what you mean about the sunflowers' changes signifying the change of seasons - so iconic.


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