Walking through the neighborhood of this "old" for the "new world" neighborhood, I can't stop imagining how this same part of town felt and sounded  in times past, the generations who lived, laughed and cried within these walls, their rituals, celebrations, mournings, their ups and downs that echoed in these same streets I now walk through, following my everyday's life script.
This work is part of a series I am developing, narrating the process of my imagining...


  1. Very, very interesting. So nice colors and effekts. Gratulations,

  2. I really like this, Anna. Over=printing, I think? I am trying to pull together fragments of my own past and keep finding myself tugged in too many directions...

  3. stunning - complex and utterly fascinating. I love this collage.

  4. Love the imaginings and the layering - a beautiful image!

  5. Wow… this is a very interesting direction you are taking. Great collage work!


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