a notebook

Sometimes I am asked to create work for a specific purpose, using conventional bookbinding techniques, but still having an "art object" presence and feel. This notebook belongs to this category.
Wrapped on paper I paste-painted on both sides, I used a double pamphlet binding to stitch the signatures on two separate accordion pleats folded at the cover's center.
cover: Rives BFK paste painted on both sides
signatures: Velin Arches
two ply waxed linen cord, flour paste, acrylics
8.5 x 6"


  1. love it! your paste papers are a thing of beauty

  2. What a beautiful book and I love the paste paper very much!
    I guess you took a rubber stamp on a wet and pasted surface.
    Difficult to say it in English:-)
    Best wishes from Germany

  3. Oooo... Anna! It truly is beautiful. Beyond the fact that the paste paper is superb--far more interesting than most--I love how you take a structure that's so simple and elevate it into something so elegant . Indeed, this most definitely has an "art object" presence!

  4. Lovely, book, and your paste papers are amazing!

  5. such a beautiful notebook. I love the center details, quite appealing.


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