at the Center for Book Arts, New York!

right: "Fragile" by Dorothy Krause
I feel so lucky being in New York and able to visit the Center for Book Arts to view in real life a big portion of the worldwide artists' contributions to Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here call. The various artists' responses to the 2007 tragic bombing destruction of Al-Mutanabbi Street, the centuries old cultural and intellectual hub in Baghdad, come in various shapes and formats, but are all equally charged with their creators' powerful energy and determination to stand for the defense of freedom of speech, thought and spirit. 

The show is presented in a most dignified manner;  it is somber and powerful,  with some of the books placed in cases behind glass, others displayed on shelves or vertically hang when appropriate. The CBA stuff has done a miraculous job in achieving the optimum balance and character for this exhibit's uniquely strong narrative. 

I feel truly proud to be a participant in this global art and free spirit movement and happy to have once again my work shown at the Center.
left: "Evidence Vol. 48, 6134, 27, 537, 1129" by Ania Gilmore and Annie Zeybekoglu  |  right: "Palimpsest" by Sara Bowen
right top: "A Vicious Circle" by Mette Ambeck  |  right bottom: "Absence" by Helen Malone
right top: "One Book, Two Poets"  by Ann Forbush  |  right bottom "Pages Reign" by Laura Russell
"as long...", the book shown in this picture, is my humble contribution to the global moral force against cultural suppression and free thinking; it is my response to the Al-Mutanabbi Street Coalition call.
Al Mutanabbi Street Starts Here: A literary bridge to Baghdad
An Inventory of Al-Mutanabbi Street


  1. Thank you Anna for a brief look at this powerful exhibition through your eyes. You are indeed lucky to be able to see the show in person.

    1. Helen, happy seeing your work from close by...

  2. Thank you Anna for this view of the exhibition. Your images and words are very inspirational. I, too, am very grateful to the Center for the Book's commitment to showing all 250 books in NYC. A big undertaking. I can't wait to see it in September.

  3. Thanks for sharing Anna... it is so powerful and expressive. I guess it won't still be there in December???

  4. thanks anna , much appreciated - ! thats splendid - Wounded books are some of my pieces there - please be in touch
    regards from London


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