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A few weeks ago I spent a few hours experimenting with scanography, or scanner photography or to say it simply...
I placed directly on the scanner's bed cuttings from my garden, scanned them and created images reminiscent of pages from victorian dried flower albums.
Yesterday I needed some time to relax and unwind from a rather tiring period, and -what a better way to do that?- I ended up turning a selection of those scanned images into a "book", including pages of monotypes reflecting the colours and mood of my garden arrangements.


  1. Really like it Anna...a rewarding day's work!

  2. Amazing results Anna! The clarity against the black is stunning...and the combo with the monotypes works wonderfully.

  3. Oh Anna! Gorgeous! Those don't seem to have the usual "flat" scanner look that one expects from scanned objects...beautiful arrangements, beautiful colors, and the stiff-leaf type of binding suits it so well. The monotypes you picked are so spot-on perfect. As Fiona says, stunning! I really love this!

  4. Anna, this reminds me so strongly of Mrs Delaney. If only she had access to a scanner! The skill is in the material that you've picked and the way you've set it out. Just gorgeous.


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