close-up textures...

walls in the old Athens...
I marvel at the endless source of texture and pattern inspiration found on old walls. 
I am in Greece for a one month visit, and totally immersed in rediscovering the bits and pieces of my homeland's character that make my heart beat faster.
Sometimes I feel the unique beauty surrounding me is result of the sun light in this part of the world; other times I wonder if the nostalgia for the place I started influences my eyesight to the point of imagining that the sun light indeed is uniquely and amazingly perfect here.
Whatever the reason, the truth is that I am immersed into an inspiration overload that makes me dream I am back in my studio mixing inks and creating "stories" untold but immensely felt.


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    1. Carol, I am sure you would have equally loved this walk through old Athens; especially the tiny courtyards with the friendliest cats purring among planters filled with basil, jasmine, geraniums...

  2. I also think the light and the unexpected beauties in old Athens (and all over Greece) are unique. But then I'm Greek too. Could this possibly influence my perception? :)

    1. In some part for sure, but then there are so many non Greeks who have felt and feel the same...
      Glad to hear from you, thank you so much for commenting!

  3. So beautiful, ocher and that amazing blue's. Very, very inspiring. I wish you a nice month in Greece!!!

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  5. Oh Anna that is simply divine. You probably know what a fan of old walls I am. Thanks for posting your find!

  6. yummo! (I love the shot with the little pelagonium sneaking in!)

  7. So beautiful! It makes me feel like breaking out the paints. I'm glad you're having an inspiration overload! It's the best kind of feeling. The courtyards full of purring kitties sound great too. Happy travels in your homeland.

  8. Travel is wonderful for inspiration and resources. Hope you enjoy reliving the memories in your new creations when you get home.

  9. I love the composition of the last photo and the incredible blue. Lovely memory fuel! Why is that particular blue so Greek?
    I can imagine you getting inspiration overload but I often find it so hard to recapture it when I get home.Hope it's not the same for you.


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