Saturday, April 14, 2012

Three (of many) points of view!

so many sides, so many ways to understand/recognize/process something... many "angles"to examine, so many sides to take... 
...even in this humble structure...
...amazing how its shape and stature change depending on the viewer's angle of view!


  1. ooo anna I love this - I'm thinking seriously about a blizzard or pocket circle concertina or (oh you get it) arrangement for one of my next BAO editions.... these pics really speak to me right now.....

  2. This is a wonderful folded form; and like you I often get mesmerised by the multiplicity of ways you can present it - it tells a different story each and every time, and I love the interactiveness of it.

  3. mesmerised is definitely the word Fiona!

  4. There is nothing humble about this little treasure Anna. You make the straightforward look so intriguing. I love it.

  5. I do love folded paper, Anna, and this is really beautiful.

  6. Ronnie, Fiona, Abigail, Lesley, Carol,
    your comments always make me feel on top of the world; thank you!!!

  7. You make the most amazing paper works and books.. I think you would be a master origami artist with all your fabulous folding works.


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