The way I approach collage work is very similar to the way I would assemble a quilt. Perhaps in an other life I was a quilter, perhaps the memory of putting away bits of fabric for future use has endured in my current existence and manifests itself in my determination to NEVER discard any tiny piece of used paper, a discarded print, old magazine cuttings, etc.... I suspect most of you visiting this blog know exactly what I mean; I suspect you may be doing exactly the same thing which places us all in that same category, the one of paper hoarders-collectors-lovers!!!
And so when the circumstances call for a collage, I get immersed into my stacks of precious tiny tiny scraps of paper, of special book pages kept for this particular occasion and then of course a needle and thread to sew and embroider these treasured scraps of 
paper onto paper!


  1. Oh dear....I've just consigned some quite dreadful disasters to my waste basket!I do, usually, keep printing proofs and mistakes for collage use, but I'm trying *very hard* to be tidy...

  2. Anna, these are exquisite in their simple beauty and construction. Makes me itch to scrabble through my bits of paper and do something with them... yes, you're right, I'm one of those people who has lots of scraps etc just like you. I seem to have an inbuilt hoarding gene that paralyses my hand if it wants to throw paper anywhere near a waste bin!

  3. Beautiful, delicate, and well designed. Do you sell these works Anna or are they for a project?

  4. oh yes, I do like these! Beautiful!

  5. delightful anna! and you're a gal after my heart.... I suspect we would covet each others funny piles of paper scarps and ephemera and bits and bobs (at one stage I had 23 jars of buttons..... sorted according to colour.....) xx

  6. These are wonderful! I am a terrible paper hoarder myself….even the tiniest scraps left after I've been cutting up get saved :)


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