...unintentional works!

My only intention was to relax! And relax I did, in the company of a few strips of paper during a much needed break. The following day I noticed these tell tale signs of the previous day's escape, and I continued where I left...


  1. Anna, I just bought a book called 'Folding Techniques for Designers' by Paul Jackson. If you go to the site of the publisher Laurence King there are lots of small videos from a CD that comes with the book. There are some really interesting pleats and folds to see but my favourite is the last video - scrunching!! Have a look see.For an inveterate paper folder like you it might be quite fun to see if there's anything of interest.

  2. These are great....and you did these as you relaxed!? I'm impressed...not being a paper folder, I would have ended up with crumpled up pieces of paper!!! lol


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