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More than a year ago one of my works was selected for Philadelphia Center for the Book's Bodies of Text performance series*. Last weekend in the final installment, the performance of "in the wings, a study" based on my work was presented and I was there! 
In the University area of West Philadelphia, in a park with no stage, Eleanor Goudie-Averill and Beau Hancock carried their dance dialogue on both sides of four transparent panels by Nicole Donnely, in the mesmerizing music played by Chris Farrell.  Surrounded by the sounds and vibes of the neighborhood, they performed their sensitive interpretation of what they saw in my work; at the edge of the Park, in front of an audience that kept growing and growing, they delivered their sensitive and lyrical interpretation -a most precious gift of art to everyone fortunate enough to be there...
Following the performance the choreographer and I discussed our views on the work, the dance, the meaning of this collaboration and members of the audience had the opportunity to see my work, to hold it and find out more on the magic of creating with paper, with colors, with music and movement, the multitude of ways artists interpret and narrate stories from the heart...
*site specific collaborative dance performances tied to the book and its interdisciplinary interpretations.


  1. wish I could have seen it all in person - it looks amazing anna!

  2. Thank you Ronnie; I wish you were there too... I know you would have appreciated it, especially the part of art with no pretenses being offered to the people!

  3. Again....beautiful movement and colors!

  4. That looks out of this world Anna. How wonderful it must have been to see your thoughts realised in actual dance. Amazing. Lesley x

  5. Anna - what an amazing performance; and what an amazing experience to see your art interpreted in movement with music. A truly memorable moment; special memories will be held I'm sure. Congratulations.

  6. wow- what an honor-- a dance performance with music based on one of your art works.. even the name 'in the wings.." is wonderful.


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