...work moments!

It has been a very busy time. Once again I am experiencing first hand the proof to the old saying: 
If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.  Well, the busy person is me(!!!) and for sure I have been doing EVErythING I've set up to do and then some! Like asking myself to do even more, and then more and then some more of this and that because I have to, because I need to, because I want to, and because... I LOVE doing it!
These are "views" of my worktable over the last few days; sneak peeks at different stages of assembling my latest structures to be included at my art exhibit next month!


  1. I love those circular motifs anna - you'll have to tell me more about what they are and how they are made.... when you're not so busy of course!

  2. Lucious is the word that comes to mind! . . and intriguing!

  3. Exhibit frenzy! It's going to be such a great exhibition!

  4. these are lovely papers, working together so well.

  5. Ronnie, the circular motif is result of folding and dipping the folds in inks, following the Japanese orizomegami method.

    Ellen, exhibit frenzy for sure! I am almost done, although I wish I had some more time to do just a bit more of this and some more of that!

    Jann and Velma thank you for your wonderful comments; I greatly appreciate them!

    Thank you all for responding to my "show and tell" postings...

  6. Oh Anna, these images make me so envious. Love the palette and the marks..... and everything about them! Lesley

  7. Wish I could see the show! Good luck, Anna.

  8. Best wishes for the preparations for your exhibit - I am sure it will be beautiful, warm and hold together beautifully. These images are great and I know you will make stunning forms with them as well.

  9. I would like to come over to give you a hand to help you if I could :) but also to see your work from close .... the texture looks so delicious !!! Good luck with all the preparations ....


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