Friday, September 24, 2010

rapid gestures in ink!

Sometimes while working in the printmaking studio, I get to a state where all structured plans for work fade away,  the sense of time disappears, and I lose myself into something beyond any specific mental or physical working mode... Suddenly I realize the closing time is right NOW, the work I've produced is drying occupying an incredibly high number of racks, I need to clean up because the whole building is shutting down,  and I still feel ready to go for at least a few more hours!

The above images show details of works done in the kind of state I've just described. They "speak" of the unique multifaceted experience as an artist I have the fortune to call: work!
monotypes on Rives BFK, VanSon rubber based inks, charbonnel etching inks

Sunday, September 12, 2010

in so many ways...

in so many colours!
The time I have dedicated into cyanotype printmaking the past few months, has resulted into a pile of blue prints reaching embarrassing to admit volume... I had to do something about it, and here is one of the most successful results: a dos-à- dos concertina solution, holding a number of prints developed on several types of paper and gone through a variety of colour altering methods and experiments.
The images represent snippets from collections of my favorite things, some true to reality, some transformed following my own imaginary narrative, culminating with a digital portrait imprint of my Christiana superimposed on the toned cyanoprint of the same photograph.
title: recollections in the sun
dimensions: 10 x 10 x .5" extending to 60"
materials: variety of printmaking papers, PVA, cotton thread
mood: ecstatic!

Friday, September 3, 2010

poetry in folds...

The three books in their folds contain verses written by two of poetry's greats: Odysseus Elytis and Yiannis Ritsos.

I could have called this post "final destination" (as an obvious continuation of the previous post), but as I have learned through my art practice, nothing can be called "final"!
So for the time being... that particular leaf's wonderings have come to a certain "rest station"!


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