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A turning point in our lives is usually initiated by a challenging, dramatic event; sometimes we recognize the power of that "event" only when it has been sealed in our conscience, its effect subtly established and the memory of its occurrence beginning to blur.
"From now on" is one of my most recent works; it presents a visual narrative of an important personal change, its wavy structure holding parts of the story that gave me a precious turning point... The drama,  emotions,  love, sorrow and promise are told through gestures, marks, shapes, symbols and images incorporated into mixed media; monotypes and digital images are then attached on cylindrical segments and finally joined together by rows of multi color waxed linen stitching. The anniversary of what I believe was the reason for a turning point in my life is tomorrow: two years from my mother's passing.


  1. An intriguing form Anna - the waves and curls go back and forth. Best wishes for your anniversary, your turning point and for continuing to move forward and create beauty.

  2. Anna,
    As Fiona says, this is an intriguing form. I think it is beautiful. I am dreading Christmas as it is the first since my own mother passed away. I cannot quite believe how much I am grieving and marking small anniversaries as they happen. I never thought I would react in this way. It is most definitely a 'turning point' event. Your book keeps the memory alive in such a wonderful tangible way. Lesley x

  3. The death of my mother has also ensured that I have sought and found another way in my live and work. Your work is beautiful and delicate.

  4. This looks really beautiful Anna - the colours, the structure, the binding and the imagery. It would never have occurred to me to have a curved page like this.


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