Saturday, November 21, 2009


Artcrawl: one day's showcase of artists' work 
spread around the old warehouses of downtown Houston.

It was a gray afternoon, rainy and bleak, but I decided to go , mainly to support two friends exhibiting there. Later, I felt that my going was the ultimate proof of friendship! Oh well...
Although the weather was kind of miserable, it seems that I was the only one to notice it! On one hand the traffic, the crowds, the total lack of parking space, on the other me, THE only one needing an umbrella, a rain coat,  and a scarf around my neck, desperately circling one way streets, trying to be at the right split second at the right place, to claim the tiniest space to park my car! I had to demonstrate my super parking skills, while trying to look cool and parallel park in a just about the length of my car gap in between SUVs and monster pickup trucks... Well, I succeeded,  I showed my face where it counted, I was totally impressed and proud of my friends' art presence, and on the way back to my squeezed tight parked car, I took these photographs of art generously displayed for all (or a few like me... ) to see: graffiti on a metal wall, and weathered walls of just about to collapse old dwellings, covered with rust, mold and peeling paint, glistening in the afternoon's cool and windy rain. Oh, how much I love these so unexpected simple, beautiful sights!

Friday, November 13, 2009

ink + paper + folds = ...

my latest artist's book!

I was inspired by Hedi Kyle's "blizzard" book structure; I modified it slightly, mainly by simplifying the structure and shape of the cover. Although this book can be constructed by one single sheet of paper, I used four self hinged sheets I had already marbled following the suminagashi technique. The cover is a left over mono print, lined with a very thin oriental paper, same as the envelope shaped signatures.  I used the functionality of the "envelope" pages to insert imprints from my collection of Chinese seals.

Friday, November 6, 2009

unexpectedly... art!

on the wall at Omonia station: "Queue" by Nikos Kessanlis
During my last month's visit to Athens, Greece, I experienced once again the multi faceted power of art in our everyday existence! And yes, of course Athens offers a multitude of art finds of tremendous importance and also historical milestone examples of the human creativity presenting the visitor with a multitude of reasons for reflection... But what I am referring in this case, is the gift of art so generously spread around all of the city's metro stations, a true art show including representational works of contemporary artists, as well as relics from times past found during the metro's construction excavations that the rich in history soil of my birth city unveiled.
For the metro passenger the hussle and bussle of getting from point A to point B becomes a dignified journey rewarded with the art find at the next destination. Truly fortunate the Athenian commuter, to be surrounded with such treasure of creativity spanning a period of over 2,000 years.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


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