Saturday, December 31, 2011

give and receive...

the making/assembling of my cards

2011 has been a super busy year for me and a real good year, too!

on display:  cards made by my {artists} friends. 
Thank you Suzan Kraus, Sara Bowen, Ronnie Ayliffe!
I feel so fortunate to have had reasons to get on the roll for all sorts of tasks, tasting and celebrating some great highlights in my family's growth and my work's development and recognition.

In responding to a multitude of life's demands, I had to travel to well known and also to new places that fascinated and inspired me, I got to know and learn new ways, and most importantly I met new friends and reconnected with people I had lost touch and now I am thrilled to have found again.

Blogging introduced me to kindred spirits in far lands, art and creativity made the distances disappear and precious friendships have been formed that I hope will grow further in the year ahead.

Just before 2011 ends I want to thank all fellow bloggers, artists, followers, friends for the kind comments, the friendship and inspiration you are giving me and to wish good health, joyful times, friendship and love in the new year about to begin. I hope 2012 turns out to be a great good year for everyone!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

calls for...

my edition for Book Art Object 3
For friends who visit this blog often is probably old news that I participate in art shows around the world. This happens through different paths: sometimes I am invited to submit work to special shows, other times I respond to calls I find exciting, challenging, or even just simply fun!
One of the venues I became involved last year is Book Art Object, an Artists' Books collective whose members respond to specific briefs, create works in small editions, share them among the members of the group, and also have their works exhibited in special shows.
Now Book Art Object has a call for new participants, a great opportunity for book artists to join in this great group based in Australia, and with members from USA, UK, and soon (I think) from around the whole wide world!

An other call which recently came to my attention is Pulp Paper Pages, an exhibition exploring contemporary paper and book arts; it is a joint project from the Alberta Craft Council and the Calgary and Alberta North chapters of the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Arts Guild. Pulp Paper Pages is addressed to Canadian artists with some exemptions. If you are interested to participate all necessary information can be found/downloaded here.

Have fun visiting both Book Art Object and Pulp Paper Pages sites and good luck on all your creative projects!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

...unintentional works!

My only intention was to relax! And relax I did, in the company of a few strips of paper during a much needed break. The following day I noticed these tell tale signs of the previous day's escape, and I continued where I left...


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