Wednesday, June 29, 2011

sticks, no stones...

and so much more!
What do you do when the stack of monotypes and paste papers grows out of control?
What do you do when a pack of gloriously slick wooden chopsticks comes into the picture and suddenly the content appears as if it's an extension of the colour scheme and "mood" of the pile of previously prepared papers?
I'll tell you what I did! I frantically looked for the right shade of linen cord, grabbed some sheets of Rives paper, opened my bookbinding-sewing box and got to work! I trimmed and folded the papers, formed the signatures, then wrapped each one with a different but totally color coordinated monotype, stacked them, prepared the holes and finally got to stitching while incorporating at the same time the wooden chopsticks.
It just happened that on some papers I had oil transfer drawings together with my usual greek letters and words; understandably I used the paper where the word "telos" (=end in greek) was drawn as the back cover (visible in the picture on top).

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

on show!

Today, from somewhere on cloud nine... I am writing this post!
The reason I've been transferred to cloud nine's heights is because my works' installation is completed, because I love what I see, and because the show where a whole body of my works is exhibited, is "on"!
Today "New Forms in Printmaking is opening its doors, with the official opening reception on June 15. The show being at a College campus has the advantage of being seen by young art students freely, without the intimidating aura of a commercial gallery; so I am even more thrilled to have my works shown at Bosque Gallery, in an educational facility, with perhaps the possibility of having some bright artists to be, inspired/drawn to Printmaking and the genre of Artists' Books.


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