Sunday, February 16, 2014

Palm Springs Fine Art Fair

Glimpses of what I saw and liked, was impressed, surprised and inspired at the Art Fair.
PS I was also impressed by the [arty] visitors at the opening night!
Steve Maloney's "Ride-em-Copter"; be jeweled and charged with a long horn scull... 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cyan Silhouettes

'night rhythms", paper quilt, cyanotype on Rives BFK - twenty four 13" x 13" squares. 2013
"dresses through my ages", cyanotypes on silk, cotton organza, paper. 2013
left: "offerings", 2014 - right: "cascading truth", 2013
cyanotype on paper, coffee filters, string, cotton yarn, PVA
"stitch by stitch", embroidered cyanotypes on linen squares. 2013
"for all seasons", 2014
"beginning-end", 2013 -  "once upon a time", 2013 - "in the SUNlight", 2010

For the last few months I have been working in preparation for a show I was invited to present, at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft using the cyanotype process.
For me the two elements that define the process, the sunlight and the resulting cyan color, are synonymous with my birth place: Greece, and so this project became a stage to a most personal sequence of thoughts related to my heritage and upbringing, narrated through the cyan and cyan toned variations I created. The show opened last Friday and is in view until March 30.


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