Friday, June 28, 2013

digital after life...

...of a folded book structure! 
I love works that extend their purpose by becoming the source of new and different forms of art; and so repurposed items extend their new form of existence by providing a new purpose, for a further repurposed idea/point of reference/material/art.
By reading what I just wrote, I realize that I am not doing a good job in explaining this new quest of image making; so here is a straight to the point explanation with images instead of words, of one of my folded vintage book structures' transformation through photography and Photoshop:

Friday, June 14, 2013

nature inspired...

So much from what surrounds me ends up in my art.
My garden provides some magical sights, not so much because of its content but mostly because of the light's play. And so textures, colours, shadows, seeds enter my palette, and power my markings and gestural rhythm during the time I spent in the studio.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Paper tales

Paper Tales represent journal entries of a very personal nature. Instead of words, my emotions and thoughts are expressed through colors, shapes, gestural markings, folds; by superimposing ancient and modern printmaking methods I sculpt, collage, handle paper and turn it into a kosmos where all I need, all I feel, all I want to revisit, re-examine, even forget find a place to be expressed. 

Books speak of humanity’s thoughts, knowledge, history. Their stories become our very own, shadowing our lives’ happenings at the time read. My use of old books and torn pages repurposed to reflect the many roles the printed page has played in my life, enter deep into my “tales” and become the symbol of the coded, the silenced, the secret hidden world that I inherited...

PrintHouston is in its 3rd year and throughout Houston the celebration of printmaking is in full bloom! Participating museums and galleries are showcasing expressions of the medium throughout history to its current rebirth and multifaceted presence. 
I am honored to be included in this amazing art fair with my exhibit Paper Tales.


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