Monday, February 18, 2013

The reason for my almost month long absence from blogging: I have been super busy in many fronts! I had my official first show at the gallery that now represents me, showing a sampler of my works and feeling great about it.
My state of exuberance though did not last too long; the day after the opening, feeling on top of the world I ended up falling into its surface! While crossing a street my smile was shot by the immense pain I felt and at the same time realized that my weight had increased to a ton, and that whole ton had crushed on my right foot caught in a gap of the broken asphalt. And so I broke a tiny bit of my heel bone, I had to learn to use crutches, then had to get used to wear a high tech boot, and now finally I am getting back to normal existence while accepting that pain is going to be with me a bit longer...
As for the show... I managed to give a decent artist's talk while balancing on two different heights (med and regular boot), smiled every time I saw red dots added, and started planning the works for my next exhibit!


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