Tuesday, May 25, 2010

found in Tokyo!

I am visiting Japan and I am in total bliss every time I see promotional material spread on tables, displayed on stands available for passers by to take. It's so difficult to resist such dream come true stuff! I am collecting them and stacking them and the piles are becoming taller and heavier and my mood lighter and happier! For the last week or so I have been collecting all sorts of ephemera, printed on wonderful papers and promoting stuff that most of the time I have no clue what is all about! What I know for sure is that I will soon be using them for a series of paper structures inspired from this special visit to Japan.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Book show + book arts + Hedi Kyle = happiness!

Connecticut is beautiful this time of the year and it seamed even more so last Friday afternoon during the opening of the exhibit Inventive Structures: Books beyond the codex.
"Apparitions" one of my artists' books was included in the show and the fact that the exhibit was juried by Hedi Kyle made this inclusion so much more special!
Hedi Kyle has been a great inspiration to me as to so many other artists, and meeting her, talking with her and having my work being selected by her is and will be one of the greatest highlights!
Also an other treat was meeting Paulette Rosen and feeling so much connected!

Well, I loved visiting New Haven, the Arts Center and meeting with other artists and some truly special people involved with the arts and the Gallery. I very much hope to visit CAW (and exhibit there) again some time in the near future.  

Saturday, May 8, 2010

run out of paper?

1. To put or pass through a cycle again, as for further treatment.
2. To start a different cycle in.
a. To extract useful materials from (garbage or waste).
b. To extract and reuse (useful substances found in waste).
a. To use again, especially to reprocess: recycle aluminum cans; recycle old jokes.
b. To recondition and adapt to a new use or function: recycling old warehouses as condominiums.
re·cycla·ble adj. & n.
re·cycler n.

Well, I did just that! Scavenged into the recycle bin, refrained from trashing used hemp string, etc. and here it is: "waste revival"! A Hedi Kyle inspired blizzard fold book with nesting newsprint lined magazine pages, sewn and pleated for achieving the desired fullness and stiffness effect! A box constructed from newsprint was made to hold the book. I got so involved and enamored with this project, I kept experimenting with different box structures, used a stack of almost trashed papers and ended up with a whole lot of boxes I love!


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